Teenage Small Business Ideas in UK

Teenagers in UK can take advantage of small business ideas to progress in life. Some pro-active teenagers are ingenious and creative and have ventured into small time businesses to earn a living. In fact, their contribution is immense and it contributes significantly to the economy of the country. Every teenager has some financial need. The needs are diverse. Since the pocket money teenagers get from their parents is not enough, the need come up with and implement small business ideas is a viable way of meeting some of these needs.

Passion should be a determining factor to the teenagers when they come up with different ideas. There are many things one can do and get good money. However, most of these business ideas require minimum start-up capital while some, none at all. It can be quite profitable to monetize one’s talents and it actually guarantees consistency in running the business.

If one comes up with brilliant business ideal, one can also get support from parents. The support may also extend to ways of managing the business to realize positive results. We are going to look at 5 ideas that teenagers can implement to generate income for themselves.


If you are good and fast in typing your school assignments, then you might want to look around the internet for copy typing work. Here you can find legitimate companies that are willing to hire you for your expertise and pay you. You have great options since you get to choose the hours you are going to offer your services. Also, as you gradually progress this is something you can continue to college level. With a great profile,you can earn a lot of money. This is a teenage business idea that can fit you busy schedule.


For those who have the nerve and passion to teach, tutoring can be a good way of raising money behind. You can teach language, painting, and arts and poetry among other practical subjects. This will help you build career profile and your skills portfolio. One can make arrangements with a few kids who are interested and get permission from their parents.


Creating jewellery and ornaments can be fun and can also be turned to a money making venture. Once you create your jewellery and ornament, you can take the ornaments to local craft or curio shops and request them to display your work. You can also negotiate with these stores so that they can sell your crafts for a commission. Teenagers living in tourist destinations are at a big advantage of earning more. The tourists will want to take back something that reminds them of where they visited.

Pet-sitting and lawn-mowing

Most people have dogs and no one to walk them due to their tight schedule. If you can approach different neighbors on the same lane then you can offer dog walking services in intervals of different hours. One can also visit kennels and animal shelters. Teenagers can combine these services with lawn mowing since all are out-door activities.

These are great teenage business ideas with good earning potential and some of the good ways ofstarting out and building life-long enterprises. You can still check out resources that can help you with start-ups and organization.

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