Surveys Are Internet Marketing Tools Every Online Business Must Use

Survey, survey, survey let’s go, go, go. I use surveys all the freaking time and they’ve just added insane amounts of dollars to the bottom line for our company and I don’t know where I’d be without them! Surveys are easy and inexpensive internet marketing tools that everyone with a business online must really take advantage of…here are some basics so you have no excuse not to!

When should you run a survey?

I personally believe that you should be running a survey probably during your initial opt-in process. That being said, I admit it is not the first thing I teach and I do not recommend people build their first squeeze page with a survey built into it-because I want that first one to be super duper fast and easy.

Not that surveys are all that complicated or difficult…they’re not, but I really want people to focus on one thing at a time-that is HUGE for success!

Now assuming you have already mastered the basics of getting your squeeze page up then you want to run a survey as soon as humanly possible. Send one to your existing list and to new people who are just subscribing to your list.

What is the purpose of this early survey?

You want to get some data from your subscribers in order to improve your marketing system. You want to learn what your subscribers are looking for.

By getting this data from them, you will be able to give people what they want!

Let this drive everything you do-even the types of emails you send out. The bottom line is you don’t want to guess what people want…find out what they want and then give it to them. That is an incredibly important detail that loads of people overlook.

What are the different ways to survey people?

There are basically three different survey systems. One is free…but frankly it is a pain to analyze. Another one is pretty inexpensive and good. The third is a bit more expensive but really easy to analyze…and I’m all about ease of use. I figure if it is easy to use that more than makes up for the expense of the system because I can be more productive and make more money from it!

But that is your call…so here’s a quick run-down on the three options so you can decide.

The free way is with AWeber. Really it is only free if you are already using AWeber for your autoresponder system…which is an awesome tool for list building, so most people are using it. If you aren’t already using AWeber then you would have to set up an account…and it might not be worth it just for the survey aspect since there are other options. But if you don’t have your autoresponder system going you want to do that.

Another survey tool you can use is Survey Monkey. They have a free and an upgrade version. The upgraded version is way better. You can ask all sorts of different types of questions which is really, really cool.

Finally, the easiest system for analyzing the data is the Ask database by Alex Mendozian. This is a great program for setting up simple surveys. I have used it in a variety of markets with great success.

That’s the lowdown on surveys. Really they are fantastic internet marketing tools…you really need to be using surveys right away. Surveys are really cool and the biggest thing you should realize is that if you do them properly they will make you insane amounts of money.

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