Online Business Marketing Benefits From the Personal Touch

Accelerate Your Online Sales Project Yourself.

When customers buy an item or service they like to know they are dealing with a real person not just a faceless sausage machine type company endlessly churning it out, without any real concern for the customer or quality of service. I recently bought a pair of trainers online and unfortunately had exactly that experience.

What the customer likes.  You can’t get away from it we are all customers some of us more often than others, but we all buy products or services right the way through our lives. Think how you like to be treated when you are spending your hard earned cash, if consumers are able to put a name and a friendly face alongside the company it will go a long way toward happy and contented customers that won’t have any qualms buying from you over and over. If you have a company logo then fine put it on your sales letter but not at the top of the first page, this is where a photo of you should go if not on the first page then close to it. If a problem occurs then being able to contact a real person that has a name is a big plus,

Build a solid reputation. How many times have you received a sales letter or brochure through the post with claims and statements about how you can earn a million dollars in 30 days or what ever the claim is that actually can not be substantiated? If you want your target audience to trust you and you should do not make claims that don’t stack up. For many people new to internet business this can cause a bit of a problem as there is no proven track record to shout about, no impressive bank statements to show, how then are you supposed to convince your potential customers you are the real deal?  Firstly your product have 100% faith in it, shout it’s virtues from the roof tops. Secondly you, talk about yourself create an image for your readers, make them realise they are about to deal with a regular guy or girl. These are the foundations for you to be able to continue to build your reputation and be able to show those impressive bank statements in your next sales letter.

Become an expert. Know your product inside and out, it is likely there will be other people selling similar products read what they have to say. Lets say you are selling a self improvement course, rather than just trying to flog the thing actually use the techniques, do the exercises and the test, write your statements there is nothing like experience, once you have it you can write about it. Send articles into ezine, join social network sites, write ebooks that other internet businesses can give away with their products just ensure you get the credit for the work. What about your local paper could you supply them with a free article? Get your name around, become an author create a high profile, people will start to recognise your name and writing style. Now that you are the expert how about having a ask the expert section on your website.

In this article you will find tips and advice on how to attract and more importantly keep your customers. People appreciate being treated with a little respect, I know this may sound obvious but it is quite surprising the number online as well as offline businesses that choose to ignore this basic rule. I purchased a brand new car from a dealership in my local city, I could not believe how uninterested they were when a fault developed with it, needles to say I will not be buying another car of that make again.
Don’t let this happen to your business
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