Home Based Business Marketing Advice

1- Keep it simple and easy to duplicate

Speaking of re-inventing the wheel, most people are looking to leverage their time and build a business part time at first. The very cornerstone of most MLM opportunities is to duplicate yourself. If someone sees what you are doing and say, “I can do that.”, you are half way there. People like the security of a simple, proven, and easy to duplicate system.

2- Give people valuable information

Make a promise and the average stranger will say, “So?” Give them information that answers some of their questions about what they are looking for and eventually they will say, “So what’s next?” The information does not have to be new or unique, but what you know to be true and valuable. Why re-invent the wheel? Your unique life experiences will draw out these truths and will make you attractive to like minded people.

3- Market Consistently

This one step alone probably packs the biggest punch over any of the others. Lets say I walked thirty miles in one day. An impressive feat indeed, but it will result in sore muscles, chafing, blistering, and near exhaustion at best. I may even result in an injury and do very little for your overall health. On the other hand if I walked one mile per day for a month, the results would be dramatically different. I would be a little sore at first, improve my cardiovascular health, metabolism, and overall health tremendously. Those short walks would rev my metabolism and set in motion fat burning for hours each day. The same is true of posting on Facebook, writing articles, submitting to forums and so forth.

4- Brand yourself

People are attracted to people. They are not attracted to confusing compensation plans, unrealistic promises, and high tech trendy presentations. To quote Billy Bob Thornton’s character in Slingblade, “i like the way you talk.” The way you present yourself online, the angle you approach things from, your unique take on a particular subject, those are the things people identify with and consequently will give your business opportunity consideration of the hundreds of other one they were exposed to but never “connected” with. Let your personality shine and attract people you would like to do business with anyway.

5- Go where the people are

Many people are looking for ways to earn an extra income and a way to do it simply and effectively. Use search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find forums and discussion groups where others are promoting and searching for business opportunities already. While you are there, take a look at how other successful marketers do it, do you see any patterns? What made you click on that particular link? Are you visible on social media such as Twitter, Google+, and/or Facebook? Literally millions log in on these sites daily.

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