Fleet Insurance Can Cover All Your Business Vehicles and Save You a Substantial Amount of Money at the Same Time

If you are running a business then you know that you need to reduce your costs in order to achieve maximum profit. While this is an obvious observation, did you know that if your company has four or more vehicles you can reduce administrative and premium costs by taking out a fleet insurance policy?

This type of cover is suitable for businesses that have four or more vehicles.  Maybe you are a courier company, Security Company or a business that gives company cars to key employees, whatever business you are in you can save time and money by taking out one policy for all your business vehicles.

This cover is available in three basic packages.  Third party is the most basic and doesn’t cover near enough should there be an accident, but it does cover any accidental damage caused to the third party vehicle or person.  Third party fire and theft is just as basic and offers you the same benefits as third party cover but adds in that should the vehicle be stolen or be involved in a fire, you will be covered.

The safest form of cover to consider is comprehensive cover; this protects the driver, your vehicle and all third party claims in the event of an accident.  It also covers fire and theft of your vehicle.

How Do You Save Money With This Type Of Cover?

You’re probably waiting for the good part to find out how you will benefit from taking out this type of cover.

You will save money by lowering your administrator’s time and energy; this gives your administrator time to work on other matters.  By having all your vehicles in one plan, there is only one premium to worry about and should you need to claim there is only one company to call.

Imagine if you have ten vehicles all separately insured, every year there will be separate premiums to pay which needs to be managed and controlled and should an accident occur, it will take time to determine which company that car is covered by and then start the claims process.

By having all vehicles in one policy, your price is automatically reduced.  You can lower these prices by ensuring that your drivers are all over twenty five years old, this is because anyone under this age is considered high risk.  You can ensure the drivers you choose have clean driving licenses and if they have a no claims bonus on their private policy that is just an added bonus for you.

Fleet Insurance is the easiest and most cost effective way of covering all your business vehicles.

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