Every Small Business Needs a Sidewalk Sign

No matter what type of small business you have you can benefit from having a sidewalk sign sitting in front of your business. Banks use them, restaurants use them and gas stations use them and so should you. Sidewalk signs are so effective and can do more for your small business then almost any other form of advertising there is out there.

You see everyday hundreds if not thousands of potential customers drive past your business never even realizing your business is there. Why? Because there is no sign out front inviting them to come in and see what you have to offer. Just think for a second. How many times have you stopped somewhere based on a sign you saw sitting out in front of the business? Several right?

Now just think about how many potential customers you are letting slip through your hands by not having a sidewalk sign in front of your business. Could be thousands. You see, not everyone listens to the radio so your ad might not be reaching as many people as you want it to. Not everyone reads the newspaper either. Now im not saying radio and newspaper don’t have their place in your advertising because they do. But I am saying that neither one of those can create impulse buyers like a sidewalk sign can.

When someone passes by your store and they see a great deal being advertised on their sidewalk sign do you think they will stop? More then likely they will and when they come into your store they will probably spend more money then usual because they are buying on impulse. Im sure you know from personal experience that when you buy on impulse you spend way more then if you would have planned it out. Invest in a sidewalk sign today and watch the traffic in your store increase.

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